A little bit about us


Hello we are John and Karla – welcome to our travel and food blog!

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So who are we and why we are travelling the world

Well to start from the very beginning we met whilst studying at university in Liverpool in 2008. John was training to be a pharmacist and I was studying product design. Fast forward 4 years, deciding a career in product design wasn’t for me, I decided to retrain as a nurse. After finishing my nursing degree we were finally able to start saving some money. Originally the plan was to buy a house, but after working as a nurse for a few years I had a bit of a wake up call on how your health can take a turn for the worst at any point and not to get to morbid but….. on some unknown date – hopefully far in the distant future – your chips are up!

So together we started to think about what we’d really like to do with our time. Myself, having never done any travelling (except weekend breaks with friends and the standard two week jaunts, often to Europe every summer with all the other Brits) thought seeing a bit more of the world might be a worthwhile thing to do – and luckily John agreed.

As we both love food and cooking/eating is a big part of our lives, it made sense (to us at least) for our blog to cover both our travels and the food  we encounter along the way.

So long story short (see how we planned a plan) a year or so later here we area about to go off on our travels, living out of a backpack as hand luggage for the next 12 months and hopefully seeing a few sights, sampling the local cuisine and culture.