Getting started & how we planned a plan…

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At first planning a 12 month trip seemed pretty daunting and it still seems a bit daunting  looking back now. In all reality it was quite fun and wasn’t that bad at all.

We were lucky that a fair few of our friends have done similar trips and were able to point us in the right direction. To start off we trekked down to the local STA branch and collected a mountain of brochures to browse through and get some ideas.

Following this we soon realised that the brochures opened our eyes to maybe too many possibilities, so to simplify the process we bought a blow up globe and spent a night putting sticky dots on the places each of us wanted to visit. Many, many country’s were discussed before we had our final list of destinations and we would have loved to see more places, but time and money obviously play a huge part in a trip like this. So between us, we made a few veto’s, compromise’s were made and the destinations list was finalised.

Choosing the route involved re-searching the weather in each country and the best time to visit. If we were going to blow thousands of pounds on this trip we didn’t want to be stuck inside a hostel looking out at torrential rain. We could do that in Liverpool. So our route kind of doubles back on itself, which ruled out any of the one way tickets which require you to travel in one direction.

We then started looking on good old sky scanner to get an idea of flight prices. We aren’t fussy and budget no frills airlines were the flights for us (we’ll keep you posted how we get on). We made a rough estimate of the flight prices and our route and took a visit to STA to see if they could do any cheaper. In short they couldn’t, but they did give us plenty of good advice on where to go, places to visit, things to see and do in all the designations, so it was definitely worthwhile popping in.

Our final route

Starting 8.10.2016:

Nepal 2 weeks

China 2 weeks

South East Asia (Cambodia/Laos/Myanmar (Burma)/Thialand/Vietnam) 10 weeks

Sri lanka 3 weeks

India 4 weeks

Malaysia- Kuala Lumpur 1 week

Australia 8 weeks

Indonseia – Bali 3 weeks

New Zealand 6 weeks

South America 12 weeks

Then ???

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